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Formation International email correspondence: writing skills training

Objectif de la formation

  • Anyone responsible for communicating internationaly through emails in English 
  • Anyone interested in improving their international business emails 
  • It is especially suitable for virtual and remote teams managers, international support personnel, personal assistants and executive secretaries
En présentiel ou à distance

Afin de répondre au besoin des entreprises à s'adapter à la crise sanitaire due au Covid-19, nous proposons d'organiser nos formations à distance en visio-conférence.

Vous pouvez dès à présent faire une demande pour une formation International email correspondence: writing skills training en visio-conférence.

Cette formation reste disponible en centre de formation ou dans vos locaux.

Programme de formation

Getting ready to write an international email: the anglo-saxon way 

  • Key needs and rules in professional writing 
  • International communication:professional and cultural constraints of today's reader
  • Know your recipients to better match their frame of reference 
  • Clearly identify your main goal when writing uyour email 
  • Match your writing piece to both writer’s and reader’s time availability

A better use of English in professional communication: guiding principles

  • Differences betweenBritish,American and international English : impact in writing 
  • Gramatical structures : best practices

Providing an easier access to the info: better email structure

  • Be clear about your main theme, angle and call to action 
  • Clearly define your main message and stick to it              
  • How to craft a strong email subject 
  • Develop your info according to four levels of needs : hierarchise wisely 
  • Discriminate between essential and secondary info, info useful to react  and useful to act
  • Write an compact email ; pick up the most convenient outline 
  • Adding visual appeal: display an efficient layout

Puting forward your message

  • Being clear, precise and concise in written English: guiding principles 
  • Applying precise readability criteria 
  • Putting the logical connectors to good use : argument and convince 
  • When punctuation really helps you to make things clearer and richer 
  • Double check your message will be understandood and memorised

Easy professional international writing in English 

  • Standard phrases and recurring English collocations 
  • Ambiguïties and mistranslations : main traps to avoid 
  • Educated guide on the use of acronyms in written international English  

Writing soberly and clearly : a must !

  • Concision : an economy of words, a wealth of info! 
  • Simplifying your style: make simple and short phrases 
  • Using a precise, plainvocabulary,with concrete words and exemples 
  • Writing pollution strictly forbidden: make a clear distinction between facts, opinions and feelings

Engage in a reciprocally courteous exchange with the recipient

  • Salutations, greetings, valediction, etc., collocations in English 
  • How to inform, apologise, confirm, invite, convene, ask for, make clearer, etc

How to capitalize on your adquired knowledge

  • Putting yourself in bêta mode: how to consolidate and expand you newly acquired writing knowledge

Vous souhaitez adapter ce programme pédagogique à vos besoins spécifiques ? Optez pour la formation international email correspondence: writing skills training sur mesure !

Prérequis et public cible

Prérequis de formation :

Have a working knowledge of professional English 

Be comfortable with the use of a word processor

Public concerné :

Senior consultant trainer ;

Highly personnalised follow up ;

Modalité d'évaluation pédagogique

Méthodes d'apprentissage :

Senior consultant trainer ;

Highly personnalised follow up ;

Evalution des compétences acquises par les stagiaires :

Une évaluation est réalisée en fin de formation

Pour un meilleure apport pédagogique un maximum de 8 personnes par session de formation

Prochaines sessions disponibles

  • Inter
  • Intra

Formation inter

En centre de formation

Durée : 2 jours

Tarif total par personne

950 € HT 1140 € TTC


Besoin d'une formation à distance ? Nous proposons nos programmes en visio-conférence


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